Sleepy Boy

23 08 2007

Awww so sweet..



Officer Down! (Hypnotized Off-duty Police Officer) Part 2

22 08 2007

Here is part 2

Officer Down! (Hypnotized Off-duty Police Officer) Part 1

22 08 2007

This cute off duty police officer makes an excellent subject

Guy gets a little over excited..

22 08 2007

This is a youtube video of a stage hypnosis show that is obviously supposed to be a family show but when the hypnotist asks some of the guys to dance one of them gets a little over excited and needs to be put back to sleep. Enjoy 🙂


22 08 2007

Welcome male hypnosis fans to a new website dedicated to guys who are hypnotized, obeying and sleeping on command.

I will try to update this site regularly with images and videos of hypnotized guys. Please feel free to comment on the blog posts and to send me links to any new or interesting  male hypnosis material you might have or find.